When is the best time to paddle out?

    When it comes to having fun on the water, whether it be saltwater or fresh, all waterways are best in the early mornings or evenings. The reason for this is the wind is usually at it's most calm and there is no wind chop. The more calm the water is the smoother the ride! If you don't know where to look for the conditions of the ocean, lakes or rivers you can always look online for your current weather conditions.

    Being a surfer in San Diego for over 20 plus years I have learned to watch the weather to plan what activities I will be edoing on the water with myself, friends or family. One of my favorite places to get the weather and ocean conditions is from Surfline. Surfline tells you the tides whether it be high or low and what the swell of the waves will be. The swell is the height of how big or small the waves will be. The other great things you will find is the direction of the swell, for example the swell can come from a straight West or a combination of directions.

    Why is this important you ask? There are so many beautiful places to surf or access the water for flatwater paddling or surfing in San Diego and all over the coastal areas of California. Knowing the direction of the swell along with the tides will help you decide where you will be launching to get exercise and the freedom of exploring the beautiful waterways we have here in California. Other things that are great to look for on Surfline or any weather channel are the temperatures outside and inside the water. This will help you decide if you need a flannel or sweatshirt if its going to be cold outside or a wetsuit top verse a full wetsuit.

    Remember it's always better to get wet then to not go on the water. I have never came home from surfing on my surfboard or iSUP and said I wish I never did that. It's a great way to get off land and float around have fun with your friends or family while you enjoy the beautiful things that come with the ocean or waterways. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it helps you get more time in the water because that is my goal of this brand is to help people keep the stoke alive and real! "Stay salty and ride" with Paradise Board Company!




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